THE technique to improve and boost your videos or podcasts

I started producing videos more than 4 years ago and it's still really complicated to manage a high energy level... The worst for me was shooting a 24 video course in one day, it totally exhausted me... However, it's essential to manage your energy level for yourself but also for your audience because it's felt! So THE technique? You have to mix video production with sports! Just before shooting, a little workout with a cold shower is super effective! The idea is also to take advantage of an environment and communicate what you have to share.If you have an office and constraints to work out? The bare minimum I would recommend is to take a deep breath of fresh air and some physical exercise (jumping, squatting or dancing on the spot!) and it will be directly felt in the final result! The performance on a stage, during a speech is directly linked to our physical and mental performance... You have to see it as a sport! The key is to mix sport and shooting! With at least a big breath of fresh air!


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