Create, edit & publish videos and podcast episodes in minutes, not hours...

Take our assessment, and discover how many hours could you save with automated PODCAST & VIDEO editing?

Discover how to shoot and publish your content in no time.

With the proper techniques & softwares,
a simple drag and drop of a video file can lead to:

Automatically edit and generate social media post

You can automatically generate and edit content to feed your social networks on a daily basis

Automatically edit podcast episodes

You can produce in different formats, including podcasts. You can automatically edit and post your podcasts

Automatically create YouTube videos with your branding

You can create automatically edited YouTube videos with your branding, intro and outro

Automatically publish your content on YouTube

You can automatically publish your videos on Youtube with the right title and description

Automatically generate thumbnails

You can automatically generate your thumbnails. You can decorate the front of your videos with thumbnails that will attract your audience.

Automatically create YT videos out of your videoconference recording

You can automatically apply a mask to your conference videos to give them a more professional look.

Content creation should be effortless,
for maximum creativity
Our passion is to create process, methodologies and tools to automate webmarketer's life. 

We only have few hours in a day, so why not delegating to softwares what can be automated?

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The origin of the concept

Amaury Khelifi is a serial entrepreneur and founder of MyCTOFriend, a company that helps startups build and grow their business without technical skills. A specialist in video content creation, the golden key for him is efficiency. His secret? Create videos without any video editing. To do this, he has developed tools and methods to increase his productivity and efficiency tenfold. Today, Amaury offers you Marketing Automation Ninja to increase your productivity tenfold.

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