The essantials of web marketing


For many years, my only concern was to increase the performance of my funnel and my conversion rate, and I realized that I was missing a lot of things and that I didn't really understand the basics of Web Marketing and that's exactly what I'm going to tell you today... The field of Web Marketing requires a lot of skills, and there are a lot of gurus who share their methods, their own tools and it's a pain to find your way. I quickly focused on my website, my funnel had to be optimized but it is secondary in reality. When you start, you need a funnel but the most important thing is to have emails from your users or people who want to follow you. Asking people to download something or to subscribe to our newsletter is the TOP priority! I've tested lots of tunnels with training sales, ebook sales but it's not effective to have a "cold prospector" but rather to have someone who follows you and knows you and listens to you! What is really important is traffic! But how to generate it? Forget about advertising: You don't know what to talk about unless you have created mass content. The key is to create mass content, then you observe what works and communicate by sending your content pieces to your mailing list! Paid advertising is only used to amplify something that is already working! The most important thing is to create as much content as possible, quality content that works!
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