Shoot videos and episodes in a new language

When I started on YouTube, I was challenged to start a channel in English even though my level was really average! It brought me a lot of difficulties and challenges before I started to grow! In this episode, I will also give you some statistics and the differences between my French and English channels!1 - The gap related to the difference in culture, we can't use the same examples or references! 2 - Pronunciation: some words are more difficult to understand and therefore with a certain level of complexity for our audience!3 - A certain hesitation: we look for our words much more in our speeches, even with a script! We don't have the same natural attitude from one language to another! In the end, if you set yourself this crazy challenge, you can see that you will not only attract the people you imagined. I was really targeting the USA and England, but today it's less than 50% of my audience, the other part are foreigners speaking English! To conclude with some statistics, I have about 1000 subscribers on my English channel and less than 200 subscribers for the French channel, and I have as many views on these 2 channels with almost 5 times more subscribers on the English channel! In fact, it's really complicated to create results immediately, but it was for me a way to progress on an international reputation with a small audience. If you are a beginner, I advise you to focus on your native language, but if you really want to create a channel in another language? Then do both (French + foreign language), because it's much easier to structure your content!


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