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Our passion is to create process, methodologies and tools to automate webmarketer's life. 

We only have few hours in a day, so why not delegating to softwares what can be automated? With our help, discover how to:

  • Automatically cut your videos and remove sequences when you are not speaking
  • Automatically add subtitles with a social-media style
  • Automatically highlight important subtitle words thanks to A.I.
  • Create, edit and animate your content quickly and automatically.
  • Record, edit & publish a youtube video and a podcast in less than 1h
  • Add intros & outros to your podcast recordings effortlessly.
  • Automatically add logos, subscribe buttons, and animations to your Youtube videos
  • and much more... 

The origin of the concept

Amaury Khelifi is a serial entrepreneur and founder of MyCTOFriend, a company that helps startups build and grow their business without technical skills. A specialist in video content creation, the golden key for him is efficiency. His secret? Create videos without any video editing. To do this, he has developed tools and methods to increase his productivity and efficiency tenfold. Today, Amaury offers you Marketing Automation Ninja to increase your productivity tenfold.

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